Nor-Shipping 2017

The shipping industry is a global industry and by its nature influenced by the geopolitical scenario with all its intrinsic aspects. During the Nor-Shipping week 35,000 delegates from all countries come together to find new solutions, make new friendships and see new possibilities in the maritime industry.

The maritime industry is always changing and innovating. And a life on the sea is one of ups and downs.  

35,000 Nor-Shipping delegates from all countries are in Oslo and Lillestrøm this week to find new solutions, make new friendships and see new possibilities.

The ocean industries exchange knowledge and skills with each other. This is the base from which we will continue to pursue new opportunities in the ocean space. Not at the expense of today’s enterprises, but in addition to, and with the benefit of their expertise. 

We are fully engaged in exploring the sea and the opportunities that lie beneath the ocean surface. In a world that will grow by two billion people by 2050, we must find new solutions that contribute to sustainable and environmentally responsible global growth. 

The OECD estimates that the ocean industries can double their contribution to global value creation by 2030.  The sea contains enormous potential for energy efficient transportation, and production of food, energy, metals, and minerals.  

Future growth in the ocean industries depends on our ability to harvest these resources sustainably, and to manage the oceans from a holistic perspective. 

New opportunities will be created, and they will have a scope and dimension far beyond what we know today. What we do know, is that the sea will play a key role in resolving one of the greatest global challenges now facing society: ensuring sustainable growth for a growing population.  

The maritime industry is ready to take its responsibility.