There are currently no conflicts in South-America that impact maritime security. However there are political conflicts and disputes which may impact operations. The current political situation in Venezuela may create operational difficulties. 

President Maduro has led a socialistic authoritarian rule since 2013, taking power following the death of former president Hugo Chavez. The country has been in a political and economic turmoil since 2010, which has also resulted in a humanitarian crisis with over three million people displaced. Inflation has spiked, resulting in political protests and suppression. This has led to the current situation.  

Juan Guaido, the president of the Venezuelan national assembly, declared himself the president of Venezuela on 23rd January. He has been recognized as the interim president by the US, EU, Canada as well as most of the Latin American countries. However, Russia and China and its allies still support Maduro. Although several key military figures have defected from Maduro, he still controls the military. This is showcased through the ongoing and all-encompassing military exercise that reportedly involves 50 000 persons.  

There are reports of petty theft and robberies at anchorage throughout the continent. Most of these incidents occur at night.   

Sanction regimes are in place against persons and companies, due diligence is advised.  

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