The political situation and conflict in Libya has since the fall of Gadhafi in 2011 affected the maritime domain. Both in terms of security as well as through the large migratory crisis seen in 2014/2015, which resulted in many commercial vessels assisting in SAR operations.  

The security situation in and around the Suez Canal remains stable. The Canal has a high priority for the Egyptian government due to its symbolic and economic importance for the country. The ISIS affiliated walayat operating on the Sinai Peninsula is still present, but continues to mainly target Egyptian police and military.  

The war in Yemen, which started in 2015, has had a spillover effect into the maritime domain. The Houthis and possibly other groups have used WBIED to attack ships part of the Saudi coalition. There has been a maritime blockade of Yemen making port calls difficult. 

Tensions between Palestine and Israel have rarely impacted the maritime security situation. However there are examples of vessels that have been shelled. This is however rare. Please note that Arab League Boycott of Israel is still in place, although implemented to a varying degree.  

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