NSA Security Update – Changes to maritime security levels by Norwegian Maritime Authority concerning Yemen and the Indian Ocean

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has updated the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean where ISPS level 2 security measures are required to be implemented onboard Norwegian flagged vessels (NOR/NIS) as of 1st March 2016.

The area now corresponds with the updated area in BMP4, as implemented from the 1st December 2015, and in addition it includes the Red Sea up to Suez. Be aware that the security level outside Yemen has been reduced from ISPS level 3 to ISPS level 2.
It will still be possible to embark armed guards on NOR/NIS vessels as earlier, as long as the intended voyage is through the High Risk Area.
The ISPS levels of West Africa are unchanged.
The circular from NMA supersedes all other previously issued security level instructions issued by NMA.

For more information see the full document here.

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