NSA updates guidelines for large scale SAR operations

NSA first published a set of suggested guidelines for large scale rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea in October 2014 due to the increasing number of migrants setting out at sea and the involvement of merchant ships in SAR operations. 

We are now publishing an updated version of these guidelines. This second version has been updated with the latest facts, some of the recommendations have been revised but the operational recommendations from the first version remain relevant and have been unchanged.

In addition we have now included a section on debrief. In the initial guidelines it was suggested that a debrief should be conducted. We have included a one-pager detailing the purpose and content of a debrief, as well as including a useful check list on what elements should be included in a debrief conversation. This section has been developed in close collaboration with Lars Weisæth, a psychiatrist and crisis management expert. We thank him for his valuable inputs. 

Please find the updated guidelines here.