NSA security update. NOR/NIS security level for Libya and Yemen. NSA advice on Egypt


  1. NSA security update. Libya and Yemen. New NOR/NIS security requirement and advice issued by NMA.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has issued new updated security level requirements and advice for NOR/NIS vessels operating in Libyan and Yemeni waters and ports.

See the following link: http://www.sjofartsdir.no/PageFiles/17953/20150409-Security%20level%20Yemen%20and%20Libya.pdf

In brief:

Libya:  NMA advice:

  • “Vessels in Libyan waters are strongly advised to consider implementing security measures as described in their SSP as if the vessel had been operating on MarSec level #2”.
  • “Updated security and threat assessments are necessary when considering port calls”

Yemen: NMA requirements for certain ports:

  • “Vessels in Yemeni waters are instructed to raise the security level to MarSec #3 if scheduled to arrive the port of Hodeidah, Balhaf and the terminal Ash Shihr in Yemen, until further notice.”
  • “As per instructions given by NMA on 01st of September 2011, Norwegian flagged vessels are to maintain MarSec level #2 as described by those boundaries given there.” (NSA comment: see the link at the bottom of the NMA document; this originally refers to the threat of piracy etc in the High Risk Area as defined in BMP4)


  1. NSA Contingency Planning Secretariat’s comment:
  • NSA Contingency Planning Secretariat refers to media reports of threats by certain terrorist groups (including in Libya and Yemen) of carrying out terrorist attacks against shipping and/or oil refineries/pipelines. We also refer to threats by IS in Libya to use small boat/migrants/refugee boats as means of transport to Europe.
  • NSA  Contingency Planning Secretariat has discussed the situations in and off Libya and Yemen with several partners and sources.
  • At this point in time the NSA Contingency Planning Secretariat is not aware of any concrete threats to shipping in general offshore Libya or Yemen by terrorist groups operating onshore Libya or Yemen.
  • We do however follow those very dynamic situation closely, together with partners.
  • Our understanding is that the main threat to security for shipping is in ports and near the coastline. Vessels may be attacked by terrorist or rebel groups, or get in the crossfire between adversaries, or get detained or attacked by various groups suspecting the vessel of carrying good, cargo or personnel for adversaries.
  • If considering port calls, make sure to carry out a thorough risk assessment, and always remain updated. NSA Contingency Planning Secretariat (together with DNK and other partners) may assist.
  • We strongly advice against shore leave or crew change in Libya and Yemen.


  1. Egypt


  • We would like to remind of the unrest in Egypt and the general need for continued vigilance in Egyptian ports and in the Suez Canal. Ports operate as normal.
  • The Suez Canal operates as normal, and in general the Canal area is well protected.
  • However the situation on shore is fluid and with several terrorist attacks including several attacks against civilian targets.
  • There is a trend towards a stronger presence of islamist terrorist groups based in the Sinai Peninsula. In one relatively recent incident an Egyptian Navy vessel was reportedly subject to a hijack attempt. Although it is generally believed that commercial vessels may be tempting targets to terrorist groups, actual attacks are relatively complex to carry out, and rare. Since the August 2013 (unsuccessful) RPG attack by a small terrorist group against a container vessel in the Canal, there have been no reports of serious attacks directed against commercial shipping there.
  • We advise strong caution and preparation if planning shore leave and crew change.
  • NSA Contingency Planning Secretariat may assist with more updated information. 

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