Maritime cyber-center established in Norway

The Norwegian shipping industry is currently in the process of establishing an internationally leading center to meet the growing threat of cyber crime. Behind the initiative are the Norwegian Shipowners' Mutual War Risks Insurance Association (DNK) and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. Together, they will form the Norwegian Maritime Cyber Resilience Center (NORMA Cyber), to be operational from 1 January 2021.

NORMA Cyber will deliver a number of cyber security services to members of DNK and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. The center will also assist other stakeholders in the maritime industry.

"Society has become more vulnerable as a result of new technology. We have seen several examples of cyber attacks both nationally and internationally, and the shipping industry is also strongly exposed to risk. We want to protect our members, and therefore DNK and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association are joining forces in a powerful initiative to prevent and deal with cyber threats against shipping, both against ships and against the shipping companies' land-based organizations,"says Svein Ringbakken, Managing Director of DNK. 

Planning for the center has been ongoing for some time, in consultation with both national and international expert communities. The Norwegian authorities have in various respects been concerned with limiting society's vulnerability as a result of new technology, and protection of the maritime sector has received particular attention in this context. The industry itself has experienced several cyber incidents that DNK has handled. Now efforts are being stepped up to meet the cyber threat with even greater resolve.

"The capacity we are now building up is both innovative and important, and Norma Cyber will be the first of its kind in the world. On the one hand, we are concerned that our industry continue its innovation work where digitalisation is crucial for sustainable development. On the other, we must ensure the security of new technology by applying the necessary competence and quality. This is best done by pooling our resources in a joint effort against cyber threats,"says CEO Harald Solberg of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. 

NORMA Cyber will have offices and an advanced operations room in the Norwegian Shipowners' Association's building in Oslo, and will be staffed by various experts in cyber security and vessel systems. The staff will work closely with the existing professional environment within security and emergency preparedness in DNK and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, both with headquarters in the building.

Membership in DNK and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association comprises a total of 420 Norwegian shipowning companies and operators controlling a total of 3400 ships and offshore mobile units.

Membership will be available for members of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and DNK from 1 December of this year, and will gradually be made available to other groups in the maritime industry. The organization will be run on a non-profit basis.