These are the shortlisted candidates for the Heyerdahl Award

Norled, Tara Expeditions and Silverstream Technologies have been shortlisted for the prestigious Thor Heyerdahl International Maritime Environmental Award 2019. The prize recognizes candidates who have demonstrated exceptional technical innovation and environmental work in correspondence with Thor Heyerdahl's spirit. Awareness raising or solutions to global problems shall be emphasised.

The Heyerdahl Award was launched in 1999 by Thor Heyerdahl (1914 – 2002) and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

Almost 20 candidates were nominated to the 2019 award, and the Expert committee had a difficult task reducing the list to the following finalists:

Norled: for the zero-emission hydrogen ferry. As one of the very first hydrogen-fueled ships worldwide, the project paves the way for development of technology and better understanding of safety, risks, rules and operations.

Tara Expeditions Foundation: for 11 expedition voyages to all corners of the world. The expedition team provides first class research on the link between the ocean and mankind, biodiversity and the climate, in line with Thor Heyerdahl’s spirit.

Silverstream Technologies: for their air lubrication system, a thin carpet of air bubbles reducing the frictional resistance of ships. The system cuts fuel consumption and emissions and can be fitted to sailing ships as well as newbuildings.

-With the Heyerdahl Award we want to recognize and inspire those who do more than they are required to by rules and regulations. We also want to draw attention to the innovation that takes place in the maritime industry, says CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association Harald Solberg

The 2019 Heyerdahl Award will be presented to the winner at the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s Annual Conference on April 9th.

Members of the Expert Committee are: 

Thor Heyerdahl jr.
Sissel Rogne, CEO, Institute of Marine Research
Jan-Gunnar Winther, Director, Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic
Nina Jensen, Director, REV Ocean
Jan Kjetil Paulsen, Senior Advisor, Shipping, Bellona
Esben Poulsson, Chairman, International Chamber of Shipping
Jens Ulltveit-Moe, former CEO, UMOE
Emilie Christiansen, former President, Youngship
Sveinung Oftedal, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Climate and Environment
Jon Rysst, SVP, DNV GL
Gunnar Malm Gamlem, Environmental Director, Norwegian Shipowners' Association (the committee's secretary)