Breakdown in rig negotiations

Negotiations between the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and Safe have come to a halt, sending more than 600 rig workers on nine rigs out on strike effective July 10. As the negotiation deadline expired, Safe warned that the strike would be expanded to include an additional 900 members on 20 rigs as of Sunday July 15.

“We were not able to meet Safe’s demands in the negotiations. These demands, when compared to regulations for other professions in the offshore sector and society in general, were simply unreasonable. The handling of these negotiations by Safe’s management has been blatantly irresponsible. The consequence of failed negotiations is to throw an industry already under tremendous pressure into a destructive conflict that will cause great damage to its reputation, its economy, and not least to jobs in the sector,” said chief negotiator for the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Jakob Korsgaard, managing director of Maersk Drilling Norge.

Among other demands, Safe is striking the floating rig segment for a NOK 50,000 pay rise for non-specialist workers, or an eight per cent increase.

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