Ambassador-lunch: -Shipping is part of the solution

CEO of Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Harald Solberg, welcomed over 60 ambassadors to seminar and lunch on January 30th. He emphasized the need for global rules and said shipping can play a key role in meeting possibilities and challenges that lies ahead.

-Every day approximately 1800 Norwegian controlled vessels cross and operate the seas worldwide, making Norway one of the leading maritime nations. As shipping is global by nature, we are also directly influenced by international trends and global developments. The development in the world economy, such as the sudden fall in the oil price, and changes in the security situation, has an immediate impact on our industry.

Solberg told the delegates that despite challenging markets for the traditional shipping segments since the financial crisis in 2008, Norway has maintained our position as the world’s sixth largest shipping nation, measured by fleet value, in 2017.

-The world is rapidly changing, which in fact provides opportunities for shipping and for the maritime industry. Our world needs increased transportation of goods, new energy solutions, more minerals and more food in the years to come, said Solberg in his speech.

He also stressed the need for global rules.

-Our industry is global by nature and heavily dependent on global rules to ensure a level playing field. As a member of both the European and International Shipping organizations - ECSA and ICS – we are therefore actively engaged in the regulatory work undertaken in Brussels and at the UN International Maritime Organization IMO.

Solberg said that there are three major drivers that will shape the global future of our industry: climate, digitalization and sustainability.

-With new technology, higher standards and innovative solutions, the ocean industries can play a key role in meeting the worlds needs in a sustainable way, ended Solberg.