Norwegian and European authorities must contribute more

Norway will send a civilian ship in the EU-led operation Triton from around August 1. "It is important that the government has decided that Norway will contribute. Europe must soon take responsibility in this humanitarian catastrophe and ensure adequate resources where the flows of refugee are the greatest", says CEO of Norwegian Shipowners Association, Sturla Henriksen.

Henriksen says it is important that the Norwegian authorities are now contributing in Frontex operation Triton. But he points out that Triton is only a border operation, although they have helped to save thousands of people after Mare Nostrum was completed in November last year.

"We hope the Norwegian ship is sent before August 1st. So far this year, over 1,500 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean and the number is projected to increase the next few months. Therefore it is important that both European and Norwegian authorities pose with sufficient rescue resources now".

In the past year, NSA have taken up the dramatic developments repeatedly with Norwegian authorities, the EU and the UN, and in meetings of international shipping organizations.

"There is a need for a completely different attitude and mobilization of the international community to deal with this humanitarian disaster", says Henriksen.