Shipping – part of the climate solution

The International Chamber of Shipping, Armateurs de France and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association invite industry representatives, regulators and thought leaders to discuss shipping and climate change mitigation in Paris during COP 21.

In recent decades, human activity has impacted climate and natural environment all over our planet.  The effects of climate change are particularly visible in the ocean. Melting ice and rising sea levels are symptoms that the planet is heating up.

Today, shipping caters for transportation of around 90 per cent of the world’s traded goods, while contributing to 2.2 per cent of CO2 emissions. This makes shipping the most energy-efficient mode of transportation.  As the largest and most important means of global, intercontinental transport, shipping has a strong responsibility for ensuring sustainable development and a healthy environment.

Acknowledging that climate change is a global challenge, shipping wants to take part in the important discussions on climate change mitigation. The industry is committed to reducing its COfootprint and is working to improve its climate performance.