- Shipping will do its part

- Shipping can, and will, contribute in the effort to reduce global greenhouse emissions. That was Sturla Henriksen’s message when the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association welcomed the UN’s climate head.

Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiane Figueres has made it clear that industry has a crucial role to play in the work to reach global climate targets. Norwegian shipowners have long been pioneers in the development of green technology, and thus have an important contribution to make in reducing harmful emissions from maritime activities.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association adopted an ambitious environmental vision in 2008, declaring that Norwegian shipping and offshore contractors should produce no harmful emissions to air or sea.

Since that time, Norwegian shipowners have developed and are now using various alternative fuels and energy efficient solutions. Norway has the largest LNG fleet in the world, and both battery and fuel cell technology are examples of alternative energy sources in use today on Norwegian ships.

Around 90 per cent of global goods transport is water borne. Even though shipping is recognised as the most energy efficient means of transportation, bigger and more efficient vessels, technological advances, new technologies and optimising operations on board will all be important measures toward reducing the industry’s climate footprint.

The Norwegian Shipowner’s Association is also working to gain support for ambitious requirements on safeguarding the environment and energy efficiency under leadership of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Shipping is not included in COP 21 negotiations, but is regulated by the IMO, the UN’s maritime body. In his meeting with Figueres, Henriksen emphasised the importance of the IMO’s continued role as the body responsible for establishing global climate regulations applying to all ships in the international fleet.

On December 1st in Paris, during the COP 21 summit, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association will be hosting a seminar entitled ‘Shipping - part of the climate solution’, aiming to highlight how shipping can contribute to achieving global climate goals.