Norway has a long and proud maritime history and for over 150 years Norwegian shipping has been a major player on the world's oceans.

Today, the industry is stronger than ever before. The Norwegian fleet has never had more advanced ship and they create value for a record 160 billion a year. The Norwegian maritime cluster is a complete and a significant international player in the value chain. 

The history of Norwegian Shipowners´ Association:

  • In 1875, Norway was the world's third largest shipping nation with 60 000 sailors
  • The first regional shipowners association was formed in Bergen in 1899
  • Norwegian Shipowners ' Association was formed on 15 September 1909
  • A dedicated shipping department under the State Department was formed in 1913
  • In 1928 NSA bought Rådhusgaten 25 and the Bauhaus - inspired building was completed in 1934
  • Northraship was formed in April 1940
  • In the period of 1945-1965 Norwegian shipping contributed with 2/3 of  new jobs created after the war
  • In the 60's the development of the offshore industry gave a new dimension to the Norwegian shipping industry
  • A joint management between Norwegian Shipowners Association and NOF ( Norwegian Offshore Association ) was established in January 1978
  • The shipping crisis in the 1970-80s led to oversupply of vessels and led to a lower number of Norwegian registered ships
  • Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS ) was established on 1 July 1987
  • Maritime Forum was established in 1990, a forum for almost 100,000 persons employed in shipbuilding and technology, shipbrokers and maritime insurance , research and education , suppliers and unions
  • From 1999 to 2006, the fleet fell back by 29 percent and the number of Norwegian seamen declined by 20 percent
  • NSA established Thor Heyerdahl Award in 1999
  • NSA celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2009 and got a new logo
  • Today, Norway has one of the world's largest and most modern fleets. Nearly 1 900 Norwegian controlled vessels and rigs operate worldwide
  • The NSA has 150 members in 2014
  • Half of the Norwegian fleet engaged in the transport of goods and people, while the other half are working on offshore oil and gas worldwide

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