The contingency planning department's main task is to assist shipping companies to avoid crises and contribute to crisis management. We follow the global maritime threats and cooperate with both government authorities and domestic and international bodies to maintain efficient networks and solid sources of competence on relevant security issues. We keep a Defense Forces liaison officer in our Department that work as a link to information and cooperation with the military.

The department has an advisory function for both shipping companies, but also Norwegian authorities in maritime safety issues.

Norwegian authorities provide us with formal government tasks annually. We are to assist and advise the Norwegian-controlled fleet, including those companies who are not members of the Shipowners' Association, as well as being an advisory body for Norwegian authorities in maritime safety issues.

The department has a partnership agreement with the UN World Food Program.

If you require advice on maritime security issues, please feel free to contact us.

In case of emergency, call the emergency telephone number +47 900 95 001 (not SMS) that is operated 365/24/7. The number may be used by the authorities or Norwegian shipping companies.

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24/7 Emergency response support (no sms)

+47 900 95 001

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