Norwegian shipowners create tremendous value, and possess an array of unique qualities. They operate on all the world’s oceans, in the face of keen global competition.

The Norwegian maritime cluster represents one of Norway’s most important export industries. They perform advanced, specialised operations that require unique expertise.

Norwegian shipping is also one of Norway’s most capital-intensive and global industries. With efficient land-based administration and vessels representing its most important production capital, the activities of the shipping companies are highly mobile internationally, and routine moves of vessels between jurisdictions in order to maintain competitiveness are a fundamental part of the shipping business. Shipowners are therefore especially sensitive to differences in government-controlled framework conditions, including tax regimes.

Shipping is strongly affected by international economic cycles. Patient, intelligent capital is characteristic for the industry, and a prerequisite for further developing Norway’s position as one of the world’s leading, most advanced shipping nations. The demand for long-term and specialised industrial competence can represent a challenge for institutionalised financial investors. Traditionally, private ownership has been dominant in the maritime industry, typically through owner families.

For this reason, government-controlled framework conditions for private, personal ownership in and from Norway are of great importance for shipping companies and their owners. In order to ensure internationally competitive terms and conditions for the industry, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association assigns this particular area of policy the highest priority.


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