Norway is one of the world’s largest and most advanced maritime nations. The Norwegian-controlled fleet is the fifth-largest in the world, measured by fleet value. Norwegian shipowners operate a fleet of around 1800 ships and rigs worldwide. The Norwegian-controlled offshore fleet is the world’s most advanced and the second largest after the USA. Norway also commands considerable market shares within related services such as ship classification, finance, and insurance.

Norwegian shipowners create tremendous value and possess a unique competency and capacity for innovation. They operate worldwide in intense global competition. 

As a leading maritime nation, Norway is an advocate for high international standards in the global shipping industry. We believe those companies that lead the way on quality will also be commercial winners in the future. 

Norwegian-controlled shipping companies operate in international markets with open competition, and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association has as its goal to have as many of these businesses as possible owned and operated from Norway. For this to happen, Norway must have international competitive, predictable and stable policies for the shipping industry. Experience has proven that good maritime polices make a difference. Good policies yield good results.


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