The Norwegian Shipowners' Association is concerned that ships be recycled in a responsible manner without risk to life, health or the environment. Together with Norwegian authorities, we are working for the Hong Kong Convention to enter into force as soon as possible in order to ensure internationally binding regulations for ship recycling.

Until the convention enters into force, the Norwegian Shipowners' Association has developed specific advice for members in order to ensure proper recycling of ships.

Our advice to members is as follows:

  • Assume responsibility for ships from cradle to grave, also when sale to a third party is part of the recycling process.
  • Comply with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation where applicable.
  • Follow the provisions and guidelines of the Hong Kong Convention (HKC). Pending its entry into force and in the absence of control measures from the host country, maritime authorities and port states, shipowners are advised to enact the necessary measures to contribute to compliance with the Hong Kong Convention requirements by, among other measures, using ship breaking yards satisfying the Hong Kong Convention or EU Statement of Compliance.
  • Prepare the ship for responsible recycling by mapping hazardous materials, arranging for necessary inspections, obtaining the necessary certificates, and by emptying, cleaning and ventilating the ship according to requirements of the Convention.
  • Avoid recycling of ships in yards without permanent arrangements for collection of hazardous and polluting waste, also defined as beaching.
  • Use yards employing a vessel-specific Ship Recycling Plan to document that the method of scrapping is safe, secure and does not pollute.
  • Use yards that document the safe handling, destruction or disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Follow up the work through inspections, monitoring, reporting, etc. Assume particular responsibility for not allowing the use of child labour when choosing yards and their subcontractors in the value chain.      

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