Labour and legal affairs

NSA is a leading employers’ organisation and the seafarers are our most important resource. Our members have around 55,000 employees from 50 different countries and negotiate collective bargaining agreements with the 12 largest recruitment countries. The shipping industry is covered by a unique and extensive set of international rules and regulations covering working conditions, health and safety. NSA promotes good international standards in cooperation with Norwegian authorities and the Norwegian seafarers unions. Our collective agreements represent best practices in the industry. The objective is to safeguard the industry’s future competitiveness.

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NSA has a proactive an ambitious zero-emission vision. The objective is for Norwegian shipping and offshore contracting activities to produce no environmentally harmful emissions or discharges to the air or sea. The route to zero-emissions is a long and tough one, but no-one is better equipped for the voyage than the Norwegian shipping companies, and their vessels. As one of the world’s most modern shipping nations, we are proud to take the lead as role models, not least by eliminating harmful emissions and discharges. 

The route to zero discharges going through the long and dedicated research and innovation. Through IMO, we are pushing for strict international environmental standards. A number of initiatives have been taken and are being taken to strengthen the industry's energy efficiency and reduce its climate and environmental impact.

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