Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are key prerequisites for the generation of profitability and shareholder values for Norwegian shipping companies in the long term.  CSR is about how companies integrate ethical, social and environmental considerations in their business and daily operations in line with the requirements and expectation of society and company stakeholders. It is about understanding and recognizing how the industry is affected both strategically and operationally by new trends and challenges, and being able to see new opportunities and manage risk.  NSA has signed up for 
UN Global Compact; a global network for companies and organisations committed to social responsibility and sustainable business practices. Our ambition is to be in the forefront and offer solutions for sustainable development and to influence and support an ambitious international regulatory framework for sustainable shipping.

For more information read the report on how the shipping industry can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and our recent Sustainability Report 2019.  


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Document Published date Category Download
Corporate Social Responsibility report 11/28/17 pdf
Presentation of MACN Collective Actions at Norwegian School of Economic 20.4.17.pdf 06/16/17 pdf
MACN collective action impact report 2016.pdf 06/16/17 pdf
Labour and Legal Affairs CSR 13.1.2016 01/12/16 pdf
Report; Blue Seas - Green Future 10/28/15 pdf
NSA CSR position paper 19.10.2015 10/28/15 pdf
Government white paper on CSR in a global economy 10/22/15 pdf