The Gulf of Guinea, and particularly Nigeria, suffers from several types of maritime security threats and inadequate counter-piracy and anti-piracy measures. Safe and secure ship operations are however possible in the Gulf of Guinea and Nigeria. Good planning, sufficient situational awareness, contingency plans and protective measures are a prerequisite for safe operations throughout the region and particularly near and in the Niger Delta.

President Buhari was re-elected in Nigeria this year and has promised to continue crack down on terrorism, corruption and insurgency. Politically there is a north/south divide in Nigeria. The current president hails from the north and lacks legitimacy in the southern Niger Delta region. Arrest warrants have been issued for persons related to security of pipeline and coastal areas on charges of corruption, including Tompolo. There are speculations that this can explain the increased level of violence in this area over the last few months. Several oil pipelines have been attacked since January and there has been a reported increase in the number of attacks against commercial vessels in the Gulf of Guinea.

NATO shipping center with relevant links to reporting and guidelines for Gulf of Guinea:

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