Piracy attacks from Somalia based pirates was one of the main maritime security threats up until 2012. However there has been a steep reduction in attacks and attempted attacks over the last years. There are still reports of attempted attacks against larger commercial vessels. It is important for commercial vessels, sailing through the affected area, to continue to uphold their security measures in accordance with BMP4, and that a proper security assessment is made for each voyage, based on an updated threat analysis.   

Every six months updated industry releasable threat assessment for this region is written by EUNAVFOR and can be found by logging in to the MSCHOA website: http://www.mschoa.org/. Here you will also find updated information on convoys through the IRTC as well as other useful guidance for the region.   

One of the eplanations for the reduction in attacks was a joint effort by the international community to address the underlying drivers of piracy, as well as good security measures implemented on board the ships and military presence. If we again see a surge in attacks, there are several mechanisms in place such as the CGPCS, Shade, local independent marine deployments and reporting centres 

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