The Norwegian fleet now ranks as number five in the world of shipowning nations

Norway, who the last couple of years have ranked as number six among the world’s shipowning nations, now ranks as number five. Japan, Greece, China and the USA are ranked ahead of Norway.

The offshore segment has the highest value in the Norwegian fleet. Only the USA has an offshore fleet with a higher value than Norway. Estimates for 2018 show a slight increase in the value of the world fleet in total, this also applies to the Norwegian fleet.

The Norwegian-controlled foreign-going fleet has seen a steady growth both in number  of ships and by tonnage for the last couple of years, and now stands at 1,771 ships. This equals  a growth of three per cent in number of ships, and as much as six per cent in deadweight tonnage. 

The Norwegian International Ship Register has also seen a good growth in recent years and is by March 2018 counting over 610 ships. The composition of the Norwegian-controlled foreign-going fleet shows that offshore service ships make up the largest segment, measured in number  of ships.