A global industry depends on a global regulatory framework. The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is therefore working to ensure that regulations for the maritime industry are primarily international and developed through the United Nations International Maritime Organization, IMO and the United Nations International Labour Organization, ILO. Global solutions ensure the industry a level playing field regardless of the flag and where the vessels operate. This is also an important tool in the work towards sub-standard shipping. 

Furthermore, it is important that the basic rules of the Convention on the Law of the Sea are recognized and followed loyally by all the states concerned. Regulatory developments in the IMO and the ILO, as well as predictable implementation of the regulations, are important for maintaining international legal order. In addition, a global regulatory framework will be an important instrument for preventing the emergence of regional solutions. 

In practice, the Norwegian Shipowners' Association’s international work is safeguarded through active participation in international and regional shipping organizations and networks, as well as close dialogue with the Norwegian Foreign Service and foreign embassies. 

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is a member of ECSA (European Community of Shipowners' Associations) and ICS (International Chamber of Shipping). The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association participates in Norway's delegations to the committee meetings and the working group meetings of the IMO and ILO. 

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