Corruption may affect the business hard, both on the bottom line and reputation. The regulations become increasingly complex and hitting Norwegian businesses increasingly. It is expected that the board and management in Norwegian companies actively monitor specific cases, and implement robust anti-corruption systems. Corporate Criminal cases occurring and there is considerable media attention when reprehensible events are detected. Significant values are lost because companies lose contracts, will be excluded from certain markets and lose credibility and trust. Anti-corruption measures are therefore an important part of our work and NSA have prepared guidelines, an e-learning video and established working groups on various topics, in addition to being one of the co-founders of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN).

Partners and Membership:

  • Transparency International Norway
    NSA is a signatory to Transparency Norway
  • Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
    NSA is a member of MACN

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Document Published date Category Download
Corporate Social Responsibility report 11/28/17 pdf
Presentation of MACN Collective Actions at Norwegian School of Economic 20.4.17.pdf 06/16/17 pdf
MACN collective action impact report 2016.pdf 06/16/17 pdf

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