Norwegian Shipowners' Association has launched Guidelines for ESG reporting in the shipping and offshore industries

Sustainability reporting (ESG – Environment, Social, Governance) has in a short time become a hot topic.

The problem is that today there are over 200 different reporting standards. None of them are particularly suitable for reporting in shipping. We have therefore together with The Governance Group, and a reference group of members, developed our own Guidelines for reporting sustainability and climate risk in shipping. Our goal is for the guidance to be a tool for structuring ESG reporting so that the reports will be useful for both internal and external stakeholders.

“My philosophy is that what is measured is done. The shipping company's contribution is therefore a standard for sustainability reporting in shipping. In the future, we will work to ensure that it also becomes an international standard, Harald Solberg CEO NSA”.

"DNB welcomes the initiative from NSA on ESG reporting guidelines, and that the industry in general takes active part in setting the standards and creating expectations. The guidelines represent a milestone, Knut Ola Skotvedt, VP DNB”  

If you would like to know more about the content of the Guidelines and see comments from some stakeholders, please click on the following video presentations:

Members of NSA can log into the members site at and find a video recording of the ESG course on the Guidelines and other information on ESG reporting.