Offshore Wind Market Report Launch Oslo

Norwegian Energy Partners is launching its 2019 Global Offshore Wind Market Report in late August and invite you to explore the opportunities in the growing offshore wind industry with us as we discuss the latest findings.

Over the last two decades offshore wind has grown to become a utility scale source of electricity generation. In 2018, 4.5 GW of capacity was installed globally driving total installed capacity end 2018 to 23.1 GW. In the first half of 2019, another 2 GW was installed in Europe alone.

Europe is still the offshore wind hub, with 18.5 GW installed capacity and 4,543 grid-connected wind turbines across 11 countries at the end of 2018 and a huge and growing pipeline of more projects over the coming years. Asian countries and the US are however forging ahead and are expected to match the installed capacity of Europe in a few years. Capital and operational expenditure is forecast to grow significantly with an annual market approaching EUR 55 billion.

Offshore wind is a proven technology and cost has rapidly declined. The combination of global growth and a desire to further reduce costs makes offshore wind hugely appealing for an innovative Norwegian supply chain with its strong offshore and maritime expertise.

Are you interested in the offshore wind opportunities and want to discuss your strategic approach?

In cooperation with the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Norsk Industri and Maritime Forum Oslofjorden, Norwegian Energy Partners invites you to explore the offshore wind market and our newly updated list of prioritised future offshore wind projects.

The workshop will include a presentation of the 2019 Global Offshore Wind Market Report highlighting key opportunities for the Norwegian energy industry. You will also hear some lessons learned from offshore wind suppliers, still leaving ample time to discuss

Practical information

Date: September 5

Time: 13.00-16:00

Venue: Norges Rederiforbund, Rådhusgata 25,0158 Oslo

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