NSA Security Update – Reported hijack off Somalia

There have been numerous reports in the media as well as a possible confirmation from Somalian officials that a Sri Lanka or Comoros (different reports) flagged vessel was hijacked off Somalia yesterday morning. The vessel “Aris 13” is said to have a crew of 8 Sri Lankan nationals. The ship was, according to reports, sailing close to the Somalian coastline. It is reported to be a slow-moving tanker vessel with a low freeboard and may therefore be assessed to be a soft target.

EUNAVFOR has confirmed the incident, however NSA is still awaiting a final confirmation if this in fact is related to Somalian piracy.

It is still too soon to confirm what the background of this incident is or who the perpetrators are. NSA is monitoring the situation closely and will send out an updated security assessment when more information is available. 

NSA advice:

  • Implement measures as described in the BMP4 when sailing through the HRA
  • All ships transiting the voluntary reporting area should liaise with UKMTO/MSCHOA
  • The IRTC corridor should be considered
  • Seek an updated situational report before transiting the HRA

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Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Contingency Planning Secretariat


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