NSA Security Update – Qatar boycott and implications

On Monday 5th June, Saudi Arabia announced a boycott of diplomatic and economic boycott of Qatar.

Following this decision, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, The Maldives, Libya (Haftar coalition) also announced a similar boycott of Qatar. Qatari authorities are inter alia accused of financing terrorist organizations and destabilizing the region.

Oman and Kuwait are currently not taking part in the boycott.

The length and full consequences of the boycott remain uncertain. As of today, open source reports suggest following implications: 

· Diplomatic ties between Qatar and the Gulf countries are severed. 

· Qatari citizens have been asked to leave the territories of the countries taking part in the boycott within 14 days.

· Flights to and from Qatar and the Gulf countries are heavily impacted. There are no flights between the affected countries. Qatari flights can no longer use the airspace of the boycotting countries which may lead to delays. 

· Ship operations are also affected, more details below.

Ship operations:

The boycott will affect shipping operations in the Gulf. Qatari flagged vessels will not be able make port calls in the Gulf countries included in the boycott. 

Different ports in the region are reporting varying levels of restrictions against ships that are sailing non-Qatari flags. 

Ships embarking or disembarking cargo in Qatar, and making a port call in an affected Gulf country (before or after Qatar), may be affected by the boycott.  It is therefore advised that all ships that are planning operations in or out of Qatar remain in close contact with their agents. 

Qatari crew members may not be able to make port calls in certain ports.

NSA advice:

· The situation remains unclear and evolving. It is unclear to what extent ship operations are affected however it seems that it is mainly operations to and from Qatar via a Gulf country that may be affected. 

· NSA is in dialogue with our embassies in the region to understand the latest developments. 

· NSA remains at the disposal of those that may encounter operational difficulties due to the boycott. 

With kind regards
Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Contingency Planning Department


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